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About US


After being diagnosed with breast cancer 8 years ago, I began my quest in search of 100% natural skin care products. In spite of being faced with this horrible disease, my beautiful granddaughter was about to be born. My every thought was of her and wanting to hold her close to my heart! However I felt the need to provide a natural barrier between my little sweetheart and my radiated skin. I quickly learned that the front of the label is not what's most important! When turning around the container and reading the ingredients time after time I found chemicals, toxins, alcohol, carcinogens and the like. Oh my!

It dawned on me that these toxic ingredients may have been responsible for the development of the cancer I was being treated for! Not wanting any harmful chemicals coming in contact with my precious baby girl, I started researching all natural ingredients for skin care.

                               And KEEPIN IT REAL was born!

I was able to hold my baby granddaughter close to my heart & bond with her without fear of her skin absorbing chemical & toxins.

KEEPIN IT REAL 100% Natural Skin Care has been developed to benefit anyone with skin. We NEVER use CHEMICALS, ALCOHOL or PRESERVATIVES. Our products are completely safe to use on our precious babies & pets!  That's KEEPIN IT REAL!

                                        Our Promise

No one's health should be compromised by chemical based products. We promise to offer the absolute best quality of 100% natural ingredients at the most affordable prices.
Just as we did for my granddaughter, LOVE & CONCERN are the initial ingredients in every product.

                                       Our Mission

 We want everybody from the earliest age possible to have healthy, soft skin. Our products are priced so all can afford,  our mission isn't to get rich, but to heal, help and benefit skin. That's KEEPIN IT REAL!

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