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Thieves blend has been around since at least the mid 1800 and has proven to be very beneficial to the human body.

* Google THIEVES OIL BLEND history.  It's very interesting. * the original blend consisted of five ingredients. Considering what we're facing today KEEPIN lT REAL has formulated MORE THIEVES HEALTHY OILS BLEND which has double the ingredients! The health benefits of this blend may include but are definitely not limited to:
Improves respiratory conditions boost immunity kills resistant airborne viruses natural antibiotic lowers blood sugar lower bad cholesterol  increases blood circulation anti-inflammatory improves brain function make skin look younger.  *I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL*. Please do your own research on these ingredients as well as the many different ways to use. You may be impressed by how much they not only benefit your body but also your home.

MORE THIEVES Healthy Oils Blend

  • Original Thieves Oil Blend          MORE THIEVES


    CLOVE OIL                                        ORANGE OIL

    ROSEMARY OIL                              THYME OIL

    CINNAMON OIL                              LEMONGRASS OIL

    LEMON OIL                                        OREGANO OIL

    EUCALYPTUS OIL                            PENNY ROYAL OIL

    5 AMAZING OILS                              ALL 10 AMAZING OILS!

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